This website has been an off/on project for a number of years, initially it was going to be a book but, frankly, no publishers had any interest in putting out a printed text about a football club that hardly anyone had ever hear about. Fair point. So from time to time i take paragraphs from that mighty tome and add them to this site, in a way that is hopefully enjoyable for the casual reader. At times i also develop the club’s Wikipedia pages.

I have at times been lightly involved in non-league football and for my sins i was involved with the establishment of a Yorkshire ’international’ side (yes, really) but at no time have i ever played for or been involved in any capacity with South Kirkby Colliery Football Club. My interest in the club is that i was born in the village, my ancestors worked in the colliery, it was my home.

In all honesty my interest in the club really peaked whilst researching Arthur Wharton, who lived in the village (and quite probably did play for the club but the evidence for this is lacking). Around this time i acquired what i am certain is the oldest South Kirkby football programme in existence locally and i started to unravel a tale of a forgotten heritage that needed recording and telling.

In many ways i am unqualified to hold this responsibility, though i hold a honours degree in archaeology from the University of York, i am not a professional writer, and my work life makes any commitment to this undertaking difficult, so please bear with me as i develop this website. If you have any questions please get in touch.